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Young dad of four drowned in Mersey after asking ‘What’s the

August 16, 2013

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moncler online store Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribing!The family of a young Wirral dad swept away in the moncler online store River Mersey weeks before his fourth child was born said he was a “lovely, happy” man who was devoted to his children.Nathan Cooper, known to friends and family as ‘Beano’, was dragged under by the current after a wave moncler outlet sale swept him and a friend into the water, between Monks Ferry and the Cammell Laird shipyard in Birkenhead in June last year.Emergency services were called to Woodside Ferry Terminal, on June 19 and his 22 year old friend was rescued, but Nathan did not resurface and despite extensive searches he has not been found.Nathan’s uk moncler sale step brother, Danny Evans from Rhyl said the family are “desperate” to lay him to rest, but are raising money for a memorial near Monks Ferry to commemorate his life.Cory cheap moncler coats mens Cooper, 21 with his brother Nathan, 25 who he described as a “happy go lucky guy”Danny said: “The news of what happened came as a big shock, and because Nathan’s body has never been found, it’s hard to know how to process it or have closure.”He was a lovely lad, really happy and outgoing.Young dad swept into the Mersey was due to welcome his fourth child”He was a daredevil too and was always on his rollerblades doing tricks on ramps.”He was an easy going guy with lots of friends.Nathan Cooper, known to friends and family as ‘Beano’, died after a wave swept him into the River Mersey”We want him to have the memorial he deserves so there’s somewhere everyone can go moncler outlet prices to remember him.”Nathan, who would have uk moncler outlet turned 26 this week, lived in North Wales for over a year before moving back to Wirral where tragedy struck.Young dad of four drowned in Mersey after asking ‘What’s the moncler sale online point of living?’When he disappeared, he had three children, all under the age of six, and a fourth child on the way with partner, Becky Wilson.In a poignant picture taken with his family and uploaded to Facebook, he called them “his world”.Nathan Cooper, pictured moncler sale outlet with his three children who he called “his world” in a picture taken before his tragic deathBecky, who lives in Rock Ferry, said it was heartbreaking telling Kaiden, now five, Freya, three, and two year old, Nathan Junior, that their daddy had gone to heaven where “God needed him more”. She told them he is now an cheap moncler jackets womens “angel who will always be with them”.The couple’s fourth child, Riley Beano, is now six months old.She told the Daily Post Wales : “I met Nathan at a house party. He was lively, very sporty, he was gobby too, but he would do anything for anyone.Desperate battle to save young dad who drowned after disappearing under the waters of the Mersey”He absolutely idolised his kids and he always said I was his queen and they were his princes and princess.”The children talk about him every day and they always say goodnight to him and blow him kisses before they go to bed.”Our youngest, moncler sale Riley Beano never got to meet his dad, but I will make sure he knows all about him and that none of the children ever forget him.”Becky is due to give birth to Nathan’s baby any day now and the couple had not found out the gender as they wanted moncler outlet store a supriseNathan is believed to have been out with friends and was sitting on the slipway of the River Mersey when a wave swept him into the water moncler online store.

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