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You do find a few words to say but as soon as you say them you

September 25, 2013

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cheap air jordan They tried to vote and stood up to local Klan leaders and many, like Louis Allen, paid for it cheap jordans baby with their lives.\n\nWatch Steve Kroft\u0027s report.\n\nMost people have never cheap real air jordans heard of Louis Allen; certainly no one on our \”60 Minutes\” team knew who he was. But in reporting this story, we learned that his murder had a huge impact on the struggle for civil rights as a catalyst for Freedom Summer, which focused the nation\u0027s attention on the South.\n\n\n\nBut for nearly half a century, Louis Allen\u0027s murder case, and others like it, have become dormant cheap nike air jordan shoes and cold. On this week\u0027s Overtime segment, we give you a look at how, over the course of 18 months, we reported on this story.\n\n \n\nAnd as Hank Allen, Louis\u0027 son, said to us: justice delayed is justice denied cheap air jordan.

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