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TOMS Eyewear Pop-Up

September 5, 2015

Currently presiding at 8366 1/2 in the Liberty Fairs Concept space, the newest extension of the TOMS One for One® couldn’t come at a better time. After all, sunglasses are an essential item for any well-dressed Angeleno. iphone xr case outlet uk Their ethical, “triple bottom line” approach has enabled consumers to connect globally with fellow humans in need. Currently TOMS has donated 35 million shoes to people all over the world. That’s astounding. outlet iphone 8 case online We jumped at the chance to learn more about the brand new TOMS Eyewear collection, featuring premium handmade acetate frames

Q:: What was the impetus for the TOMS Eyewear concept?
TOMS founder, Blake Mycoskie, saw TOMS as a movement that could help people through more ways than just giving shoes to those in need. outlet iphone 7 case His vision was for TOMS to become more than just a shoe company that gave…he envisioned TOMS as the One for One company with unlimited ways to use commerce to give to those in need.

When he learned about the opportunity to wipe out curable blindness through affordable surgery, medical treatment and corrective lenses, the idea of building a TOMS eyewear business to address this solvable problem was born. The great thing about TOMS is that the company recognizes a need that exists and then builds a business to support and fund meeting the need. outlet iphone 8 case Building business to improve lives…

TOMS 8 scaled

Q:: I personally love the shape and texture of the frames. Tell us about the designers behind the TOMS Eyewear line.
John Whitledge and Darin Dennee come from fashion and eyewear design backgrounds based in southern California. John Whitledge is a CFDA award winning designer in fashion known for taking classic style and mixing it with unexpected and memorable details. iphone xs case for sale Darin Dennee is the founder of a cult driven rock and roll eyewear brand called Initium. Before joining Toms full-time Dennee built an eyewear brand known for its cool and unique glasses. Although the design is lead by Whitledge and Dennee, the collaborative process is supported with significant contributions from Erik Soto and Gil Moy.


Q:: What special touches make your line stand out? For instance, what is “handmade acetate”?
Most of the collection is “handmade acetate”, which essentially refers to the base material, cellulose acetate. Acetate is considered the most elevated and premium plastic material for frame construction due to its ability to hold color, its warm feel to the touch, pliability and even its organic and hypoallergenic properties. The “handmade” description refers to the hands-on cutting, finishing, glueing, polishing, bending and fitting that is involved with each and every piece.

One of the special touches that we are most proud of is our temple striping color story…the stripes that you see on each temple behind the ear represent our One for One story with the frame color representing the consumer purchasing the frame, the tip color representing the person in need and the stripe color representing TOMS as the entity responsible for distributing the charity of the purchaser to the “One” in need of eye care treatment.

shades 2

Q:: Tell us about the art on display in the pop-up. (Are any for sale?)
The photographs were taken on a recent giving trip in Haiti by our Creative Director, John Whitledge. Whitledge wanted to capture the unique spirit of Haiti while celebrating the amazing people and culture that make Haiti so special. Whitledge primarily uses Leica rangefinder cameras because it allows him to capture people and scenes in a very natural and off the cuff way.

Q:: What fit factors should customers consider/look for when shopping for a new pair of sunglasses?
Make sure you have a frame that fits comfortably and don’t assume upon first try-on that it cannot be adjusted to feel and fit better. Eyewear is designed to be incredibly flexible and adjustable…nose pads arms can be bent for wider noses, temples can be elongated for larger heads…temples can be bent shorter for smaller heads. Your local optician or the TOMS employee can help you adjust the frame to fit most comfortably. The frame width should be in proper scale with your head size as well. Most importantly, make sure you really like how you look in the frame…this seems painfully obvious but don’t let others tell you that you look good…you have to believe you look good or you won’t enjoy the frame and you probably won’t wear it as much as you should.

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Q:: How can you tell when your customer has found the right pair?
The right pair will sit correctly on the customer’s bridge and in the proper spot on their face with eyes to the center or just above center of the lens. The temples will reach properly over their ears without contorting or creating discomfort. Aside from the fit, when it looks right, it looks right…the eyes don’t lie and the frame must flatter the wearer. A well-matched frame will enhance and express the personality of the customer. Eyewear is the most unique medical device because it protects, corrects, flatters and can even communicate non-verbally with those around you about your personality.

Q:: Can shoppers get prescription sunglasses too?
All of the frames in our current collection can be fitted with prescription lenses by a licensed optician. iphone 7 case outlet We will even have our complete Optical range at the store for try-on and purchase. The TOMS Optical Collection is a range of over 30 silhouettes that is not even available online currently. cheap iphone xr case online We only sell the Optical collection in the finest eye care practices nationwide. Come check it out if you haven’t seen it in person yet.

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Q:: What challenges do developing nations face when it comes to vision care?
285 million people are blind or visually impaired around the world, and 90% of them live in developing countries. 80% of those individuals who are blind or visually impaired don’t have to be. Major issues that they face include lack of access to care, lack of awareness that care is available, and lack of affordability. TOMS can help with all of these issues through our partner organizations.

Q:: How does TOMS Eyewear plan to help? Are you partnering with local physicians to fill prescriptions? Putting together a vision clinic?
TOMS Sight Giving invests in clinics, hospitals and locally based organizations that train residents to provide quality, professional eye care. We help restore sight through surgery, medical treatment, and the provision of prescription glasses. In the United States, TOMS works with school-based screening programs that deliver glasses directly to students.

Q:: Where in the world do you give?
TOMS helps restore sight in 13 countries: Bangladesh, Cambodia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Guatemala, India, Pakistan, Paraguay, Nepal, Tanzania, Tibet, Uganda and the United States.

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This Sunday, June 7th, from noon to 3pm, the whole neighborhood (and you too, of course) are invited to a friendly neighborhood gathering put on by the TOMS Eyewear pop-up. Guests will be able to shop the new line of eyewear, and help make hygiene kits in support of National Refugee Day and the International Medical Corps.

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