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This Is Ground Pop-Up Returns to West Third Street

September 9, 2015

When two amazing things collide such as tacos and tech, a wonderful idea is born: the Cord Taco (’cause who doesn’t love tacos). Who would’ve thought having a well made leather taco would be such a simple and brilliant idea. cheap iphone 7 case outlet This is how it all started for This Is Ground’s leather accessories handmade in Downtown LA. This Is Ground is made for the modern day creatives and folks who just like to keep their life organized with simple, logical design. cheap iphone 8 case Their line has since expanded into leather accessories for all today’s gadgets and small items. They are back better than ever at the Liberty Concept Pop Up space on West 3rd St for the month of May. iphone xr case outlet uk We chopped it up with founder Mike Macadaan on the back story to This Is Ground including David Bowie, the impact of the Cord Taco, and how they have connected with their growing customer base.


Q:: How did This Is Ground get started?

I designed websites and mobile apps for most of my career. iphone 7 case on sales When I moved to LA I started to design leather accessories for myself. iphone 7 case on sales A friend asked me if I could design an original product that organized cords for an editorial piece she was working on. Later I ate tacos and within 24 hours in a lucid state, the architecture concept of the taco struck me. I quickly prototyped the Cord Taco, it worked, I verified that it was original, and I published it. This wasn’t intended to be a business but the Cord Taco really took off so I started to design other leather products and they also sold well.

The name “This is Ground” stems from my days working for Virgin Lightships which was Richard Branson’s blimp company. I would communicate with the blimp pilots by saying “560 alpha bravo, this is ground.” It’s also from a Bowie song that I like and after years of designing websites, designing a physical product was grounding!


Q:: Why did you decide to pop back up on the street?

West 3rd Street has been a great way for us to connect with more of the WEHO community. We had an amazing experience last September so when the opportunity came up, we didn’t hesitate.

Q:: How have things been since popping up the first time?

Our business has grown a lot. We have another popup in NYC now and are planning a longer term storefront DTLA. That said, our digital community is really strong in Australia, UK, Singapore, Tokyo, Canada and throughout the US. Also since we popped up last, we launched several new products including a Phone Wallet called Stash and our biggest release this year, the Mod 2.



Q:: What’s your favorite part of your job?

Working with my team DTLA, designing and building products DTLA, and building relationships with people and brands with similar values.

Q:: Your Cord Tacos have been a huge hit. Which pieces are you excited about right now?

We’re developing culturally relevant Cord Tacos that incorporate characteristics of their geographical and behavioral surroundings. This is giving us the opportunity to explore new ways of working with leather.


Q:: Who is the ideal This Is Ground customer?

Someone that connects with our brand and them tells someone else about it.

Q:: How has social media affected your company?

Our Instagram account this time last year had 1300 followers — We’re now at about 64K. This gives us the ability to tell our story to a much broader audience.

Q:: What inspires new products?

Problems that still exist in everyday life.

Q:: How did you get into leather goods and why did it stick?

I taught myself how to make leather products because I’m a designer that wanted to pick up a new craft and I wanted to save money by making my own leather accessories.


Q:: What are some of your favorite local events?

Running a startup doesn’t give you the opportunity to go out much.

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