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The replies under the RTI Act have revealed that more than 99

October 29, 2014

Aadhaar gives OUR personal info to foreign firms

It is subverting the most important objective of the Constitution of India: Fostering equality of status and of opportunity and to promote among them all fraternity and assuring the dignity of the individual.UID/Aadhaar is fostering biometric and digital exclusion and financial exclusion.The numerous testimonies of victims of UID/Aadhaar in this regard are available in the public domain. canada goose jacket outlet store The same has been submitted to the Supreme Court. It is structurally disempowering the common Indian canada goose outlet near me through its assault on citizenship through biometric identification of residents.Out canada goose outlet winnipeg address of nearly 130 crore Indians, some 119 crore Indians and other residents of India have been made vulnerable to non State actors, foreign States and their domestic collaborators because their most personal sensitive data, the world’s most valuable resource, has been parked with foreign data firms and governments through contract agreements between UIDAI and canada goose outlet authentic ungovernable technology companies like Accenture, Safran Group and Ernst Young.This information has come to light due to replies received under Right to Information Act.There is no transparency about how much money these companies are making from the data assets of Indians to the detriment of India’s supreme interest.This initiative of the world’s largest biometric digital Central Identities Data Repository (CIDR) of UID/Aadhaar numbers has been bulldozed down people’s throats by Machiavellian deceit, coercion and breach of trust.CIDR has dwarfed the stature of Indian citizens by exposing them and the coming generations to an unscientific experiment. It has turned Indians into guinea pigs for clinical trials in labs.One needs to understand the disempowerment of a poor farmer, a serving soldier, a canada goose outlet new york city pensioner, a student, an old woman, a child and the family of Santoshi Kumari who have been deprived canada goose outlet store new york of their citizens’ entitlements because of CIDR.With the oppressive linking of UID/Aadhaar of Indians, banks are exerting extraneous influence like money lenders of old times.The replies under the RTI Act have revealed that more than 99.99 percent Indians canada goose outlet ottawa had pre existing identity proof prior to the proposal of UID/Aadhaar.It is apparent that it was a lame excuse to pursue this project whose total estimated budget has not been disclosed even after nine years of UIDAI’s existence.It is ridiculous to claim savings without disclosing the total cost of the project. canada goose discount uk The replies under RTI Act have shown that this project is a ‘guaranteed revenue flow’ for foreign and domestic private firms, which tantamount to squandering taxpayers’ money.In fact, in an unbelievingly strange situation, Indians are being made to part with their cheap canada goose jacket most valuable resource to these companies and they are also being made to pay for it at the rate of Rs 2.75/per enrolment and for each de duplication forever.In an exercise of irrationality of the worst order, value of digital transactions using UID/Aadhaar is being presented as savings due to the project.All such claims of savings are an exercise in puffery. It has come to light and has been admitted that the World Bank study that refers to ‘savings’ from the project is based on a flawed footnote in its study.Isn’t such propaganda and misinformation campaign a cause of gnawing worry?The most valuable personal sensitive information of present and future citizens has been made available to foreign data firms and governments and non State actors for all time to come.It is a cause of grave worry. In the face of documentary proof, the government’s assurances ring as hollow as their words of consolation after every institutional disaster.The CIDR of the UID/Aadhaar project continued without legislative approval from January 28, 2009, till September 12, 2016, without any backing of a parliamentary law even after the arrival of the BJP led government in May 2014.The first thing this government did was to act contrary to the democratic mandate against the UID/Aadhaar project. The Narendra D Modi led alliance won an electoral victory by promising to scrap the biometric ID project.Barack Obama and canada goose jacket uk David Cameron too had made a similar promise. Both fulfilled their electoral promise of abandoning the biometric ID project of their predecessors, but Modi has gone against his own promise and betrayed the electoral mandate.The cover of a Money Bill with which UID/Aadhaar was draped stood exposed and uncovered in the Rajya Sabha.Notably, the Aadhaar Act came into force after more than 100 crore residents of India have been made naked without the protection of any legislative cover.This project has been pursued by the BJP led government under the presumption that the Right to Privacy is not a part of the Right to Life and Personal Liberty.The Supreme Court’s unanimous verdict of August 24, 2017, debunked this foundational basis of the project.

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