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The Jewish experience in the intervening millennia since the

October 7, 2014

the Secret of Becoming

buy canada goose jacket cheap On Monday night, April 10th, Jewish men, women, and children around the world will sit at their tables to eat a feast with unleavened bread and recount the 3300 year old story of the Exodus from Egypt. It is said that of all the Jewish holidays, Passover is the most observed, even by those who are otherwise unaffiliated and who practice few other Jewish traditions. It is doubtful that the reason for this is the taste of the matzah, which is generally bland and unremarkable. Nor is it the bitter herbs, the shank bone, or the other foods that adorn the seder plate. It is, rather, the spiritual nourishment of the holiday, which teaches a secret so profound and relevant that Jews are commanded to mention the exodus canada goose outlet mississauga from Egypt not simply once a year, but every single day in both the morning and evening prayers. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose clearance sale What is that secret, and why are Jews so singularly focused on an canada goose outlet montreal event that occurred over three canada goose factory outlet vancouver millenia ago? What is it about Passover that is so central to the Jewish national character and practice? And what can canada goose outlet michigan we learn from the Passover story to offer us hope and guidance in these tense and trying times? canada goose clearance sale

In the Haggadah, the book that is read and followed throughout the Passover seder, it states that if G d had not taken the Jews out of Egypt when He did, then they would still be slaves to Pharoah today. This is buy canada goose uk a remarkable statement, for the empire of the Pharoahs is a thing of ancient history. Surely at some point in the millenia that have passed since then, the situation would have changed such is the nature of the currents of history. Why canada goose outlet uk sale would the haggadah make such a counterintuitive statement?

Canada Goose Outlet The Chasidic masters teach that this proclamation reveals the essence of the holiday, a celebration of an event so revolutionary that it not only changed history, but it redefined the nature of existence. The Exodus from Egypt introduced a new paradigm and consciousness to a world that was previously fettered by the shackles of a perpetual slavery mentality. Without Passover, whether it was to an Egyptian pharoah in Egypt, to some other monarch elsewere, or most significantly to the confines of one’s own self limiting expectations, the people would still be enslaved to this day. Passover was the birth of the very idea of freedom. Canada Goose Outlet

uk canada goose What is freedom? And are we truly free in our modern free society? uk canada goose

canada goose store There are multiple words for freedom in hebrew, one is “chophesh” and another is “cheirut.” “Chophesh” is canada goose outlet new york city the modern hebrew word for vacation, while “cheirut” implies more of a liberation. The difference between the two is that one implies rest, while the other alludes to a more active pursuit that comes subsequent to a prior release from restriction. True freedom is not simply a vacation. It is not just an opportunity to passively relax, but rather the ability to actively reconsider, to rework, and to renew. Freedom is more than just the right to self determination, it is the responsibility of self actualization. canada goose store

canada goose clearance As such, freedom is not restful or relieving. The Jewish experience in the intervening millennia since the exodus from Egypt has been anything but easy. What was gained from this canada goose outlet toronto address supposed “redemption,” and what good is freedom if it so fraught with hardship and toil? canada goose clearance

canada goose coats In the book of Job, it is said that “man was born to toil.” The very first human beings, Adam and Eve, were told in the book of Genesis that they were placed in the garden of Eden “to guard it and to work it.”From here we learn that even paradise is not a place of rest. The reward of one’s striving is not leisure rather it is a sense of purpose and a satisfaction in accomplishment. canada goose coats

cheap Canada Goose It is this profound truth that Jews worldwide celebrate on Passover. Prior to the exodus from Egypt, there was no true freedom consciousness in the world. The desire to be free from oppression may have existed, but the canada goose outlet vancouver sense of being free cheap canada goose jacket to better oneself and the world did not. In a sense, the Jews went from one servitude to another, from building Pharoah’s pyramids to building G d’s tabernacle. But whereas the former was a soul crushing slavery, the latter was a soul affirming service; the former was a chore, while the latter was a mission. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose uk black friday Freedom, Judaism teaches us, is not free. It requires lifelong work. But this work provides us passion, purpose and meaning. Those who desire rest and relaxation in this life will be perpetually unfulfilled because the soul that resides within each of us is a flame that endlessly blazes and reaches upward. Passover teaches us that we are not here to just be, but rather to forever become. This constant growth and regeneration is true liberation. There are no limits because we are always ascending. The rung we reached upward for yesterday is the step we push off from today in order to rise ever higher tomorrow canada goose uk black friday.

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