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That said, I’m always happy when I get my hands on some

February 11, 2014

Oh the irony.EDIT: Since this post got bigger than I ever expected it to, I like to clarify that the parts where.pagirl023 1,384 points submitted 1 year agoI get this one. I went out with a guy a few months ago that described himself as a “sex positive feminist” which I thought was a bit weird. I let that go, but all night it was “Don you just HATE IT when a guy mainsplains?” or when I said I could be a bit bitchy when I tired, he responds, “UGH.

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Ingraham, who was a candidate to become Trump’s White House press secretary, also dubbed the bill “RyanCare” and similarly suggested on Friday that Trump was poorly served by Congress. This healthcare bill wasn that whoever told him it was didn serve him well. After it was pulled, Levin assigned blame to the Republican leadership in canada goose outlet store near me a post mentioning Ryan, but not Trump..

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