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So basically a regular season like typical sports leagues

August 7, 2013

Enstraynomic u

NO MORE HIDE AND SEEK WITH A TELEPORTER/SHIELD GENERATOR. THANK. FUCKING. GOD. canada goose outlet belgium PLAYING HIDE AND canada goose victoria parka outlet SEEK WITH A TELEPORTER/SHIELD GENERATOR WAS ONE OF THE MOST ANNOYING THINGS IN THE ENTIRE GAME.JakeClipz 2 points submitted 6 days agoInstead, I canada goose outlet niagara falls like them to have canada goose parka uk a point system, based on team canada goose outlet kokemuksia and individual performances. Only when a player is mathematically eliminated from reaching the Top 8 or 10 (which would be the team merge), then they would get eliminated, and then the elimination system goes back to the old Total Drama canada goose outlet store uk format of one per episode or so. So basically a regular season like typical sports leagues, followed by single elimination playoffsI never canada goose outlet near me knew I wanted canadagoosetomall this idea until you said it. It not perfect but by god it offers so many new story possibilities and guarantees canada goose outlet online store that a lot of favorites would last longer than they otherwise would have without breaking the game in the process. This works. canada goose uk This really works and I want it now. :OEnstraynomicSo far this sucks. 1 point submitted 6 days agoThat would also lead for some good tension writing opportunities when canada goose outlet edmonton it close to the team merge, with the players that are on the bubble of making it canada goose outlet uk sale through or not. Also, to make sure that players don phone in once they qualified for the canada goose outlet in toronto Top 8, perhaps they can throw some rewards in too for their placement prior to the merge, although I not sure if they would do that because canada goose jacket outlet uk rewards for performance seem rare on the show that they can take home with them once the show is over or when they get eliminated. (LeShawna trailer that she won on TDI, the vacation that they guys won for winning the Brunch of Disgustingness on TDI, and seating in First Class on TDWT Jumbo Jet come to mind, and yet they couldn take those things home after the show.)Maybe they could show a boatload of prizes for the Top 8 (and not the cheap stuff that Chris likes to reward out), and each player can pick one of those items, going from the 1st place player to the 8th place one. Some of those prizes could be useful in future challenges, canada goose coats uk while some of the other prizes are just flatout desirable, probably monetary value wise.friendmaker3 25 points submitted 7 days agoAs far as I can tell, the Vishkar and Architech skins are a younger Symmetra, who has both her arms, while the present day Symmetra uses a prosthesis.Looking at her chapter in the comic we actually don know whether or not she has canada goose outlet paypal a robot arm or not. When she wearing the Vishkar uniform, the canada goose outlet florida comic basically always has her left arm off panel, blocked from sight, or drawn too small canada goose outlet in canada to tell whether it a glove (like in the skin) or a robot arm.But given that a lot of her skins have her arm and fingers with visible hinges going through the knuckle, or in this case give her a straight canada goose outlet online up magic arm, it canada goose outlet in montreal seems likely that she does have a prosthetic, and the Vishkar and Architech skins are just of a younger her, the way that Genji has his pre cyborging skins.EnstraynomicTime for you to canada goose kensington parka uk die! canada goose outlet online uk Maybe? 1 point submitted 9 days agoMost NA sports are franchised, which means that each team spot is guaranteed regardless of finish. At the end of the year, the league hosts a draft of (usually) college players, and teams pick players to acquire, with the worst performing teams getting the first picks. In some cases, notably in the NBA, they host a lottery to determine the draft order of the earliest picks, where the worst teams get higher odds of getting the earlier picks. canada goose outlet los angeles This is done to canada goose outlet discourage teams from tanking, as in performing canada goose outlet winnipeg poorly in the season to get early draft picks, but teams still tank anyways.In contrast, EU sports, notably football, have a canada goose factory outlet toronto location relegation system, in that the worst performing teams at the end of the season have to play against the best performing teams in the lower league, to fight for the top league spot. Some sports even have auto relegation, where the canada goose outlet sale last place team is automatically demoted to the lower division at the end of the season, and (usually), the highest place team in the lower division gets auto promoted to take the spot.

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