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SNIK on W. 3rd Street

August 12, 2014

UK-based artist SNIK visited West 3rd Street last Monday to put up a new piece on the wall of Allan Jeffries Framing on the corner of Sweetzer and West 3rd Street.

snik 4

To achieve a startling photographic realism, SNIK uses layer upon layer of meticulously cut stencils. Sometimes up to nine layers at a time!

From his website:

“Initially inspired by the Graffiti scene, Snik has been working with stencil and spray can for 10 years now. Constantly pushing the boundaries, this artist duo has developed a unique style which is equally captivating on walls as it in on canvas. Staying true to their form, Snik hand cuts up to nine layers at a time, working with different mediums, techniques, paints and varnishes. Regardless of size, the level of detail is insane, and use of colours and forms, inspirational. Showing in galleries, shows and forums across the globe, they had their inaugural solo show in 2011, and now has a serious following of admirers and collectors worldwide.”


snik stencils

Visit Allan Jeffries Framing to see his newest piece in person. Or visit his website for more info on his work and upcoming installations.

(Photo credit to  Black Apple Art Gallery and SNIK.)

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