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Portland’s Bridge & Burn Pops Up on West 3rd

September 9, 2016

We’re thrilled to welcome Portland-based apparel brand, Bridge & Burn, to West 3rd Street for the month of June! The unisex brand will be taking over the Liberty Concept Space, with their line of Pacific Northwest-inspired shirting, dresses and outerwear for men and women.

Launched in 2010, the brand was the genesis of almost a decade of development, its roots traced back to a T-shirt line produced in founder Erik Powell’s garage. A short stint in streetwear provided the perfect foundation for Powell (a computer science grad) to learn the ropes of design and manufacturing, and just over five years ago, the full Bridge & Burn line was born.


Inspired by nature and the laidback vibe of Oregon, the clothing is well-designed, unpretentious and made to be worn, again and again. iphone xr case for sale The brand follows an ethos of functional design, beautiful detailing and incredible fit.

We caught up with Powell to talk about how he launched the brand, the importance of supporting independent designers, and why he loves LA so much…

Tell us about Bridge & Burn… where are you from and how did the brand originate?
With no background in fashion, I started the brand with the help of a friend who gave me a three weekend crash course in apparel design and introduced me to a boutique factory in Asia that allows me to do very small production runs. Initially, I wanted to create functional outerwear that could handle weather in the Pacific Northwest that didn’t look like it was from REI. The first season consisted of five jackets for men and women and I’ve been slowly adding more categories each season, so that Bridge & Burn is now a full collection.

Where does the name come from?
The name “Bridge & Burn” pays homage to the day I took the plunge into working full time for myself and leaving the corporate world of software development behind. We are carried by around 100 retailers worldwide and opened our Flagship Store in downtown Portland three years ago.


What does Bridge & Burn specialize in? What makes you different from other apparel brands out there?
We focus on creating classic, comfortable, and timeless apparel. Iphone 8 case We don’t follow trends. We strive to make that favorite piece of clothing that gets worn again and again. outlet iphone 7 case Our designs come from a distinct Northwest perspective that make us stand apart from other apparel brands.

Who is your target audience? How would you describe the “Bridge & Burn look?”
We serve a wide demographic, which can be seen daily at our flagship store. outlet iphone xr case Our fans range from ages 25-50 and they appreciate our attention to detail and commitment to quality. iphone xs case outlet The “Bridge & Burn look” is clean and casually sophisticated.

Are you excited to be here in LA? What are you looking forward to during your popup?
I’m excited to see first-hand how people welcome the brand. outlet iphone xs case online I’m not super familiar with the neighborhood, but I have already fallen in love with the food options within walking distance. outlet iphone xr case online I’m also working on some goods that will be manufactured down here and it’s always easier to work with people face to face.


Why do you think people should support independent clothing brands, like Bridge & Burn?
I think people should support small, independent business in general.

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