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Jamie and Casey Davis of Portola Paints

September 30, 2015

Portola Paints & Glazes is an airy showroom on West 3rd Street that specializes in low VOC paints and glazes for interior and exterior decor. But this is no ordinary paint – the pigment and formula are concocted by brothers Jamie and Casey Davis, and mixed by hand. The resulting paints and finishes add unbelievable texture and dimension to home projects. In addition to rich, elegant hues, at Portola you can find finishes that look like suede, hewn rock, verdigris, or sheer silk. cheap iphone 7 case outlet (Check out the Portola gallery to see for yourself.) With so much love and consideration poured into each can, we had to get the full story. Read on to learn more about the brains behind Portola Paints & Glazes:

Q:: How did you get into paints and why did it stick?
My brother and I have been around design and construction our entire lives. Our father, Jim Davis is a general contractor who has been building and designing beautiful homes, restaurants and retail spaces in Los Angeles since the 70’s. iphone xr case for sale Growing up in this environment has inspired our love of colors and specialty finishes.

Q:: How did Portola Paints get started?
Portola Paints was started in 1998. After importing lime paints and plasters from around the world, Casey and I with the help of our father found a local paint manufacturer who we approached with ideas of how to do new and exciting things in the world of paint. We worked on our finishes and color formulas to create the first Portola line that launched in 2001.


Q:: How long does it take to develop a paint or glaze formula?
Portola’s colors and formulas have been growing and changing since the first can of paint we ever made. Although, our original color line is still part of our collection. Some of our color formulas have gone through many, many changes and tweaks to become what they are now, while others are just right from the start.

Q:: Your colors are nuanced and lovely. How do you arrive at the colors you offer each year?
Jamie: I am inspired every day to create something new. Whether it’s working with a designer or an expecting mother or a Wes Anderson movie that I watched the night before. It’s all about the inspiration on that given day.

Casey: I am inspired by my travels and all the incredible colors found in nature around the world. The amazing places that I have been to and all of the places I dream about visiting each have their own special color story waiting to be shared.


Q:: What’s your favorite part of your job?
Jamie: For me, it is working with someone to create a space that they truly love. From concept to the finished product, I love creating a vibe and emotion with the colors used in people’s homes.

Casey: I love creating new and exciting colors. Seeing the end results and how a paint color can completely transform a space.

Q:: What about your business/industry surprises you?
Jamie: It has always been funny to me that designers, who absolutely kill it while designing for their clients get completely stuck while choosing colors and finishes for their own home.

Casey: Paint is arguably the one thing that can completely make or break an interior or exterior space, but is often the most over looked. Even the most seasoned designers can discount the impact that the right paint color can bring to a project.

Q:: Who is the Portola Paints Customer?
The newly married couple, the million dollar designer, rising artists and celebrity’s or that girl from Yoga on Thursday mornings. Portola Paints is for everyone who wants beautiful colors and finishes in their home.

Q:: What essentials can designers always expect to find in Portola Paints?
We have a great collection of design and home books to look through for inspiration. We also have over 2500 custom colors that we have made over the past 15 years. These are very thoughtfully organized into different finishes and colors that are an amazing tool to help you find that perfect color.


Q:: Tell us about your favorite home projects that really make the most of your colors and products?
There is an amazing bungalow in Santa Monica that our dad built. We used Roman Clay throughout the entire house. Roman Clay is a slightly mottled plaster finish that feels like glass to the touch. The main body of the house was done in a beautiful light neutral color. This house is very eclectic; every room is painted a different color. But, it’s not overwhelming or busy. The colors tell a story. From the dusty-rose bedroom, to the soft gray-green office, to the hot pink accent wall in their daughter’s room, to a polished black plaster bathroom. In spite of all this, there is a beautiful flow to the house.

Q:: On Average, how long does it take for your clients to choose the perfect color?
With an endless range of colors to choose from, this can be tricky. It really comes down to the client and their space. We offer 4oz sample pots and sample boards in all of our colors, which can help make the process easier. That said, it can take minutes, hours, days and sometimes even weeks to get the “right” color.

Q:: Any tricks or suggestions for people (like me) who can never make a color decision?
We always recommend looking at sites like Pinterest. There is so much amazing design in the world that is totally accessible to us. It can be helpful to get some inspiration from people who have done this before. Also, we look at the key elements that you are working with. For example: your floor, a rug, a piece of art, furniture. Etc. Look at the colors, textures and styles that you are working with. Think about a general vibe that you want to create and think about the space. If you are painting your bedroom, feel free to take a chance with a dark, sexy color. If you are painting your kitchen, you may want to keep it bright and cheerful.

Q:: Current design/fashion/food/product obsession?
Jamie: Right now, I’m all about simple and chic. Worn jeans, and a T-Shirt. Although, I did just buy an amazing suit from J Lindberg for my wedding this summer.
-Escuela Taqueria on Beverly… My fave taco spot! Amazing food and décor to match. BYOB…
– Nickey Kehoe (also on Beverly). Best home store around. Amazing hand made baskets and linens. I can get lost in there for hours.

Casey: I absolutely love the clean and classic style of A. Quincy Jones. I’ve always been a tee shirt and jeans kind of guy. When I do dress it up I always go to John Varvatos. Sun Café in Studio City has the best vegan food in the Valley, can’t get enough. iphone xs case on sales I do have a slight addiction to collecting Shoyoroll Jiu Jitsu Gis (uniforms).

Q:: What else are you up to? Outside the paint business that is . . .
Jamie: I am currently recording with my band, Picturas. Also, planning my wedding for this summer. And, in all the free time I don’t have, I love to surf.

Casey: When I’m not working in my yard at home I can be found on the mats training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


Q:: When did you move to West 3rd St? What was the appeal?
We moved to W 3rd September 2009. We had a few locations we were looking at. iphone 7 case for sale By chance we were driving down 3rd and saw this great location next to Toast with a for lease sign. After having our shop in studio city for 10 years, we wanted a change. We wanted to be closer to the design center and design community.

Q:: How would you define West 3rd St?
W 3rd Street as a hip LA thoroughfare. In a city where nobody walks, the West 3rd Street shopping and dining district is irresistibly walk able. W 3rd Street offers variety and choices. Boasting some of the best retail shops, boutiques and restaurants around. iphone 8 case outlet uk There’s so much to choose from that it’s hard to get bored. W 3rd Street is simply an alluring destination for locals and tourists.

Q:: Favorite place to eat/shop on West 3rd?
Jamie: Joans on 3rd, Plancha Tacos, Son of a Gun and Clover Juice.

Casey: Plancha Tacos and D’amore’s Pizza. OK and Le Labo.

Q:: What is your favorite part of being a part of West 3rd Street?
We love the small community feel of West 3rd. There are so many great shops and restaurants, we are happy to be a part of it! Also… Love the W 3rd st. holiday street party.

Stop by and say ‘hi’! to Casey or Jamie next time you visit West 3rd Street.

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