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It matters that the vast majority of architects

November 10, 2013

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canada goose uk black friday What are some of the most critical differences when it comes to how you hope your daughter’s generation is treated in their professional field, and what are some of the assets and improvements that are most necessary? I’ll sum it up in a very real way: I want them to be given the benefit of the doubt. What I mean by that is, I feel very strongly that being a woman in technology and engineering, many times in my career and even in my very first week of college, I was not given the benefit of the doubt cheap jordans from china that I belonged in those rooms, even though I had attended one of the top high schools in my city and been an honor roll student from the time I started school and aced my AP classes. None of that followed me into the classroom when I started at Vanderbilt University canada goose uk black friday.

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