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Interview: Marion Simms of SkinSense

September 6, 2016

Few people know skin care in Los Angeles like Marion Simms does. As the owner and operator of SkinSense Wellness Spa on West 3rd Street, Simms has been in the business for more than 30 years. She got her start as an instructor at her own skin care school in England, before moving to L.A. cheap iphone xs case online and opening up her West 3rd Street spot in 1989.

We caught up with Simms to talk about the street, the unique services she offers, and some “do’s” and “don’ts” for your skin this summer…

Tell us about the spa and what you offer…
We are a boutique spa that offers customized, high quality services for the skin. We also carry a wide range of organic beauty and skin care products for all ages! More importantly though, we are well-established and very experienced, with a team of technicians who possess tremendous knowledge about the skin care industry. We’ve been here for almost 30 years but we’re not all grey-haired old ladies! We’re just very knowledgable, experienced technicians who love what we do!


What makes SkinSense unique from all the other spas out there?
I think it’s the fact that we’re not gimmicky. outlet iphone xs case online We’ve researched everything and take our procedures very seriously. We try everything on ourselves first! We’re also very friendly and people feel comfortable confiding in us about their skin issues, whether it’s teenagers concerned with acne, or clients looking for anti-aging treatments.

Why do you love West 3rd Street so much?
I was either going to move onto Melrose or Third Street. And the environment didn’t quite feel the same over on Melrose. I’ve always loved Third Street because it’s eclectic and there are a lot of individual business owners and independent stores here. It’s a wonderful neighborhood and I would actually say it’s one of the nicest walking streets in L.A.!


A lot of people are nervous to go for a facial. cheap iphone xs case What are some tips to prepare for your first time?
We are very thorough and we don’t do cookie-cutter treatments. We do a full analysis of the skin before people come in for any procedures. We make sure to do proper follow up to ensure that the client is satisfied. The more you know about your skin beforehand – I.e. problem areas, sensitivities, etc. iphone 7 case – the better we can find something that will leave you with glowy, comfortable, healthy-looking skin

What services do you offer men?
We do a lot of facials on men, especially guys with beards and shaving issues. We also do a lot of back waxing, especially for the summer, when you want to look good at the pool and beach! And then there are clients who come in for more specific services, like manscaping. iphone 7 case for sale That could involve everything from brow grooming and ear waxing, to “de-fuzzing” your nose and other parts.


As head into the summer months, what are some “DOs” to take better care of our skin?
Our skin is constantly getting hammered as we live in a city with construction and sun. Life can also be stressful and that reflects in our skin. You have to take all these things into consideration. My advice: make sure you’re wearing sunscreen every day – at least SPF 30 – and then do lots of deep cleansing at night to make sure your sunscreen gets out. Stay hydrated – drink lots of water! – and take anti-oxidants. outlet iphone xs case online Eat a healthy diet, with lots of fruits and vegetables, and limit your caffeine and dairy intake.

What are some “DON’Ts” when it comes to our skin?
Do not do aggressive peels – they can cause breakouts. iphone xs case outlet Stay out of the heat. Heat can be as damaging for the skin as the sun. Keeping cool is very important. One big thing to really check is sugar.

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