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Interview: Lot, Stock & Barrel

July 11, 2016

One of the coolest stores in Los Angeles also happens to be on West 3rd Street. Get to know Lot, Stock & Barrel – a locally owned and operated outpost known for their impeccable selection of vintage denim, perfectly worn-in tees and custom chain-stitching and embroidery. Dig a little deeper and you’ll also spot a cool collection of in-house merch and limited-edition accessories, all sourced by a team with impeccable taste and years of experience in the apparel industry.

We caught up with the Lot, Stock & Barrel team to find out more about their new store, how to spot good vintage and why L.A. style deserves a comeback…

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1. Tell us about the concept and inspiration for the store…
The concept behind the West 3rd Street store draws inspiration from traditional barber shops, butcher shops and tailor houses. Using clean, simple lines coupled with tile and wood elements offers a subtle juxtaposition that allowed us create an environment separate from our Arts District location. We felt it was important to create an experience that sits well in the neighborhood (similar to the look & feel of the DTLA store) while still offering the same or similar product assortment and services.

2. Why did you decide to open up on West 3rd Street?
Our retail strategy has always been to surround ourself with like-minded brands, people and businesses. Similar to DTLA we made a point to be close to good food and other brands. West 3rd Street checks all those boxes with Joan’s, Son of a Gun, Magnolia, Wittmore, OK, and the Liberty Concept Space.

3. Why do you think people like the store so much?
We make a point to bring a different look & feel to retail, especially the concept of vintage. Additionally, along with elevating how people view vintage products, our ability to customize anything, as well as offer a full-scale tailoring option, lets us stand out and make everything unique and personal.

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4. One of the things you specialize in is denim – what do you think is the lasting appeal of denim?
Denim is among some of the most iconic garments ever made, and everyone can relate to that perfect pair of jeans.

5. How did you guys get into vintage? And how do you know when you’ve spotted a good piece?
We all have a history in apparel in one way or another, and while our backgrounds are varied, we all appreciate the story behind clothes, which led us into an appreciation for quality vintage goods. In terms of spotting a good piece, this comes with research, hunting and constant sourcing.

6. You have an incredible selection of vintage – what is the difference between vintage shopping and thrifting?
This question and removing the stigma that exists around vintage clothes is something we’re constantly aware of and make a point to source product that is unique, rare and specialized. You won’t find cross over between what we offer and what you would typically find in thrift stores.

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7. L.A. style often gets a bad rap, but we’re really seeing an uptick in cool, original L.A. style. How would you describe the style and fashion scene here? How does a store like yours play into that?
L.A. definitely has its own look and feel, one typically associated with being a lot more laid-back and casual. More than anything though, people are more educated than ever when it comes to retail and what they’re buying, and that’s where we come in. We spend a lot of time and energy on what we source, making sure that what’s on the shelves is good and doesn’t disappoint.

8. What do you like about West Third? Any favorite spots along the street?
Our favorite part about West Third is the overall sense of community that exists among all the businesses in the area. We were pleasantly surprised by how warm and welcoming the reception was when we opened and it’s been incredible to meet everyone in area. In terms of favorite spots, we definitely spend a good deal of time in Joan’s, D’amore’s, and Juice Served Here.

Visit Lot, Stock & Barrel at 8363 West 3rd Street (at North Kings Road).

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