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I was left to my own devices a lot as a kid out of necessity

October 24, 2013

Not having any life skills isn’t cute

I had a grad school roommate who had zero life skills. Super nice girl but I feel like she’s never done a chore in her life.Story 1: She once ate this chicken with apples dish that she brought from home and couldn’t finish it, so she put the bowl with food STILL INSIDE in the sink. On principle, I refused to clean that dish so I just washed my own dishes around it. 2 weeks later, that bowl was still sitting in the sink; the only difference was she put a dirty plate over canada goose jacket outlet uk the bowl, covering the food. Another couple weeks later I peeked under the plate and honestly the whole bowl was growing with black stuff. In the end, she threw away the entire bowl. Why waste a perfectly good ceramic bowl? Washing it/dumping the food would’ve taken a couple minutes!Story 2: My roommate went home every weekend since her family lived maybe 45 minutes away. One Saturday at 830 am I heard the doorbell ring so I went to answer it. My roommate’s mom was there and she said “you can go back to bed, dear. I’m just here to clean my daughter’s room. I’ll be in and out.” This was just so odd. I had the exact same thing happen. Piece of shit roommate piled the sink high with plates from the cafeteria still slightly covered in sour cream, cheese, grease canada goose outlet trillium parka black and general food goo from shitty ass caf food. Leaves it there for weeks. Turns into lab experiment. Literally a film of black death creeping across it. Had to go through this 2 times per term because he was an ass and never learned the lesson every time we got into it. God damn, learned to hate that guy fast. We lived together for 4 years before we got married. I married her because that the way I thought things were supposed to go. She was my first serious girlfriend after highschool, took it a goose outlet canada bit too seriously by moving in together right away, and kinda started to build a life around that. (Everyone in his family had gone to our college). Me and the other roommates always moved back home canada goose outlet store uk for the summer, but he didn so he had the house to himself for 3 months out of the year. I remember my 2nd year living there, we all returned from summer break and there was 3 months of trash just sitting in the backyard. Like, he at least took it out of the house, but didnt get as far as putting it on the curb for the trash service to pick up. There were maggots all over the bags and ground in that area, which was right by the backdoor so the entire kitchen smelled like shit.The house also had 3 months worth of clean and dirty laundry just spread all over the various rooms. He had the master bedroom downstairs, but the laundry room was upstairs where the rest of canada goose coats uk the rooms were so there was like piles of folded clothes leading from the laundry room down the stairs, and even piled in front of our doorways.I am not the cleanest person, but this was on a whole new level from anything I ever seen.She taught me it was always ok to give up on something you didnt like, would do my homework, let me stay home from school way too often, and let me play video games all day and all night. Never had to pay any bills or anything and would be bailed out of any situation.I understand that I cant blame everything on other people and I need to take control over my own life but when you are raised to be completely dependent it almost cripples you in adulthoodI think OP doesn’t understand that not everyone has parents that are there for them all the time, although he’s definitely right about people being proud of the lack of self skills. That’s a canada goose outlet toronto address weird thing to think about. It would be like being proud of being uneducated. You can be proud of your accomplishments, but proud to have not accomplished a thing specifically? Strange.I was left to my own devices a lot as a kid out of necessity, but things didn’t turn out too bad. Don’t feel like making a meal? There’s Mac and cheese in the cupboard for that. Don’t feel like doing laundry? Maybe I canada goose outlet can talk my husband into taking a turn at it. Don’t feel like going to work? I work from home and am self employed and will 100% be canada goose outlet online bored enough to do canada goose outlet in canada something productive by noon anyway.I got into a mood last night because we’ve been eating a lot of soup lately. Soup I made from leftovers, and then put in the freezer specifically for when I’m too tired or overworked to make dinner. I felt bad about not being enough of an adult to cook a meal.I work with a girl who is in her mid 20 and can figure anything out for herself around the office. She graduated from a decent university in recent years, and couldn even run Microsoft Excel. (And she a 6 figure executive)She brags that her parents do everything for her. Her meals (and her husband are all home cooked and portioned out the week before, canada goose jacket outlet by her mother, and delivered to them. Laundry, dishes, housework? Mom. Lawn mowing, shoveling, yard work, basic maintenance? Hired out.Life as told by her is all about hair appointments, shopping, manicures, Facebook, tanning and working out.But as long as the parents keep it up, it will never change. I suppose after they gone, everything they do will just be hired out.Sorry, I cranky today from dealing with said person. I don think everyone that age is like that, I just happen to work with the worst possible example of a stereotype.

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