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April 16, 2014

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Canada Goose online No fluids aside from the flush. Pulses 2+ bilaterally. Perhaps a gap in strength. Hard to tell because pt was so anxious and in pain. He just kept repeating “take it out now” at the top of his voice and pulling his arm away if you tried to do anything but start peeling back the dressing to the IV site. Inflamed extremity was warmer than the other and definitely more red. I asked canada goose outlet winnipeg for an US but the NP said infiltration and then it was change of shift. I reported canada goose outlet trillium parka black my concerns to the oncoming nurse and checked on the pt immediately canada goose outlet canada on my return for my next night shift. The swelling and redness had come down significantly. It was still elevated canada goose outlet locations in toronto and still quite sore. The pt had no new iv access but there was an order for Picc placement on Monday after the weekend. I spoke with the MD on call who reviewed the chart and the NP diagnosis of infiltration and he opted to let the pts MD decide canada goose factory outlet toronto location on Monday since the inflammation was decreasing. Canada Goose online

canada goose coats on sale Well that approach certainly works for me. Nothing calms me faster than being given the information I need to process what is happening and what is at risk. Unfortunately I think people like you and me are fewer and further between than you may know. I also struggle with anxiety and canada goose outlet michigan have had to learn ways to circumvent my physiology as well as my psychology in order to canada goose outlet phone number remain a functional member of our society. Most of my pts at in their 70s or older. Most have a canada goose outlet factory 9th canada goose outlet uk sale grade or similar education canada goose jacket outlet store (not this fellow. He had graduate school under his belt) And most of them feel like Drs are their overlords and canada goose outlet toronto protectors canada goose outlet new york while in the hospital and the guy who can proscribe a miraculous “magic” regimen of drugs to cure what ails them. canada goose jacket outlet toronto (And boy don they get angry if their MD doesn reach their expectation of a one pill cure) canada goose coats on sale

canadian goose jacket My point is that most of my patients become impatient if I try to give them canada goose outlet new york city too many facts. I have found that the best way to deal with each of them is as an individual ant to try to take my goose outlet canada cues from them. But then again, I canada goose parka outlet still learning. Like I said, 10 canada goose outlet official days solo on the job at the time of my first post. I still have A LOT to learn canadian goose jacket

buy canada goose jacket So basic, respectful professionalism allowing you the space you need to Canada Goose Outlet “get a grip” mentally and emotionally so you can start to cope on your own? buy canada goose jacket

buy canada goose jacket Yeah. I like that too. I was mad the first time my OB cried and tried to comfort me canada goose outlet authentic when he told me about my first miscarriage. I was FURIOUS and told him just to stick to the facts canada goose outlet boston when canada goose outlet in chicago he did it with my second one. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose Outlet I probably would have done just that with this guy been polite and professional if he hadn been in such a state of crisis, ringing the call bell over and over and begging us to canada goose outlet us take action. I never know if that would have netted better results in the end but I sure hope he doesn look back on this whole thing as “that time I complimented the person who put me through Hell.” Canada Goose Outlet

canadian goose jacket I worried about that myself, truthfully. I have my own baggage canada goose outlet store uk to carry in the anxiety department. I didn leave it here however. I was assigned as his nurse by his request for all of my shifts canada goose outlet in canada until he left us 10 days later. Before he went home he took me by the hand and told me how thankful he was to have met me. He canada goose outlet usa talked about how frightening and disgusting the whole experience had been for him and that, while he still wishes he hadn had to go through it, he was so grateful for the extra attention and understanding he felt I gave him. I was so moved by his sincerity, especially since i was just flying by the seat of my pants trying to do the right thing. And I honestly didn know how to respond so I just said thank you and let him hold my hand while we sat and waited for his ride. It was a wonderful experience to see someone go from such a high state of anxiety and agitation to a place where he was doing all of his own self care and starting to see the happier side of living again. I will probably never forget this pt and all that canada goose outlet paypal he taught me canadian goose jacket.

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