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Here’s Why You’ll Love August on West 3rd Street…

September 28, 2016

August isn’t just the name of the month we’re approaching – it’s also the name of one of the best fine jewelry stores in Los Angeles, located right here on West 3rd Street. Specializing in handmade, artisanal pieces and limited-edition gems, the store reflects not only an aura of luxury, but one of warmth and quality as well. This isn’t your generic mall store – it’s a boutique in every sense of the word, with personalized service, inspiring pieces and a friendly face to guide you through it all. We caught up with storeowner Bill Hermsen to find out more about what makes August so special…

Tell us about the concept for your store…
We focus on fine jewelry that is handmade by the jewelers, that is organic in nature. outlet iphone 8 case Many of our items are one of a kind, and they feature semi-precious and/or precious stones. iphone 8 case on sales The stones are typically chosen for their natural characteristics rather than being a perfect or flawless specimen.

What are the most popular jewelry trends this summer? What are your most popular pieces?
Our jewelers do not create seasonal collections, so we don’t necessarily follow trends. cheap iphone 8 case online However, our customers love distinctive stones, and we carry a lot of unique pieces.

When did you open? Why did you decide to open August?
August opened in March of 2014. Previously, I was co-owner of Arp, a jewelry store in the same location, representing some of the same collections that opened in September of 2000. iphone xr case outlet uk After closing Arp, I chose to open August, because I have a deep appreciation for the designs and designers. I’ve always loved engaging with our customers and I was thrilled to stay on West 3rd Street. I was also eager to build upon the previous business, expand to online sales, and open up social media channels.

August - wall cases

Where did the name come from?
I chose the name August, because I was inspired by the month. August is always a month of sun, travel and relaxed luxury. I feel the name implies warmth and abundance.

What do you love about West 3rd Street?
I love everything about West 3rd Street, from the businesses and restaurants to the loyal customers who shop the block. outlet iphone xr case online It’s been incredible to see the block expand and grow since originally opening in 2000. I love that it’s still primarily small businesses with a neighborhood feel.

What are you favorite places (aside from August) on West 3rd?
It’s hard to say which places are my favorites, but I will say when it comes to restaurants, I love AOC, Son of a Gun and Sweet Greens; for men’s clothing Douglas Fir, South Willard and Wittmore are great. I always use Aesop soap at home and work, and I frequent Sockerbit and Magnolia Bakery when I have a sweet tooth. Eggy always has the perfect gifts for my god-daughters, and Flight 001 is a staff favorite.

August - store book shelves copy

What are some tips you have for people buying jewelry? What should they look for, to make sure it’s good quality and good value?
I simply say buy what you like.

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