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Freenote Cloth Descends on West 3rd Street

September 10, 2016

We’re thrilled to welcome menswear brand, Freenote Cloth, to West 3rd Street, as the apparel company takes over the Liberty Concept Space for the month of March.

Freenote is a classic menswear collection manufactured exclusively in the United States – specifically, right here in Los Angeles. Launched in 2013 by brothers Matt and Andrew Brodrick, the brand is headquartered in San Juan Capistrano, and was founded on the premise of making “the best men’s clothing in the U.S.”


Known for their range of selvedge denim, waxed canvas jackets, chinos and woven shirts, the brand is less about fitting a specific mold or trend, Andrew Brodrick says, than it is about making good quality pieces for guys to wear. iphone xs case for sale “We’re not reinventing the wheel,” Brodrick says, “nor are we obsessing over telling men how to dress. outlet iphone 8 case online Instead,” he explains, “we makes clothes that we like to wear, and clothes that we think guys will want to wear too.”

The clothing takes inspiration from Westerns, motorcycle culture and rock and roll, with a military motif that runs through some of the pieces as well. iphone 7 case outlet “Still,” Brodrick says, “while we draw inspiration from certain eras, it’s not a Civil War re-enactment.”


Instead, the details are kept simple: a Redwing Boots denim collaboration, for example, uses the same boot leather for the logo patch, while a deck jacket uses Talon vintage zippers and Italian metal clips – a subtle nod to classic motorcycle jackets. cheap iphone xs case The brand’s waxed canvas jackets break in with a rich patina on the outside, while revealing a Japanese-sourced textile lining on the interior. And fans of Freenote own multiple pairs of their jeans, with selvedge denim sourced from Cone Mills in North Carolina, as well as from Japan.

“People are so conscious about what they’re buying these days,” Brodrick says, “and we want them to get to know us and be educated about what they’re wearing, so that they can be proud of what they buy.”


Though Freenote has amassed a big following in the music and design worlds, Brodrick says he still gets excited when people approach him on the street and say that they’re fans of the brand. Whether it’s a modern-day rockabilly or a college kid who digs denim, there’s something in the Freenote Cloth collection that everyone can lay claim to. cheap iphone xr case online And for two Cali-based brothers who just wanted to make cool clothes, there’s no bigger sign of success.

For the month of March, Freenote will be hosting THE CLOTH SHOP at Liberty Concept Space – 8366 1/2 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA. The shop will be open Tuesday to Sunday from 12pm -7pm, with special sales and events held throughout the month. The brand’s founders Matt and Andrew will be on hand each day playing records and talking shop.

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