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FNC and OG played such a style to a certain degree in the past

December 21, 2014

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replica handbags china I had a brain injury about a year ago. Was told to not “use my brain too much”. I also a dual major math/engineer, so trying to “not use my brain” was both not an option and something I had to take seriously. But best replica bags a year and a replica bags buy online half ago at least, Monte was saying that this is exactly what western teams should do if they want to win: playing their own style even if it “objectively inferior”. The way Koreans played.So I don buy the narrative that he just be salty about Korea losing. It was the best way to play for a long time and since some changes and especially the removal of trackers and changes to trinkets later on it changed.Before, this style wouldn have worked and was hard countered mostly by the KR style because your aggressive played were absorbed and turned around against you mostly.FNC and OG played such a style to a certain degree in the past and they lost 0 3 in the semis against KR teams.The only time where it did high quality replica bags work decently was MSF vs SKT but we have to remember that SKT were on their way down already and MSF was doing way more than just playing their own style, they even aaa replica bags changed their style a bit compared to their EU games and put in some cheese or unexpected things. replica handbags china

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