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Everyone just reads that 1 t nation article and walks away

November 16, 2013

TheHoundThatRides u

Juggernaut Method continues to be fantastic for my squat. My deadlift results haven been as great as I would have hoped. After reading that Paul Carter article, I think I gonna stick to primarily training deadlifts with ROM Progressions (which worked for me before) and deficit deadlifts if I want to spend prolonged periods of time pulling off the floor.c)he seems to have changed his tune here, he gave credit to rack pulls in a previous article he said “The dead itself wasn doing a great job of making me stronger. When I went to the rack pulls, I got stronger from top to bottom in the various ranges of the movement, then when I went back to the floor I was now stronger through each portion, and I pulled PR appreciate that he says small deficit multiple times. The biggest mistake I see with deficit deads are people trying to pull from 5 6” deficits and putting themselves into a position that is nothing like their competition deadlift.TheHoundThatRides 7 points submitted 1 day agoIf you interested in 5/3/1, do 5/3/1 for Beginners. The wiki I linked explains everything about that program and has a spreadsheet you can use. Rememeber to do the daily assistance work. Get 5/3/1 Forever for more programming if you end up liking 5/3/1 for Beginners.The T nation article was not written by Wendler (it was given his name) and outlines the progression scheme. But Wendler writes programs based around that progression scheme. The 3 sets are cheap canada goose not meant to be the whole programming.5/3/1 is a paid program meant to be understood from the books. And of the books, 5/3/1 Forever is the most updated and complete. If you want cheaper programs, Juggernaut Method 2.0 and Average to Savage are fine alternatives. 28 Free Programs is a great free program. 3 points submitted 5 days agoThe 5/3/1 for Beginners wiki has a complete explanation and spreadsheet that will calculate that specific program for you.Bear in mind the rest of 5/3/1 canada goose outlet los angeles is paid programming. I would not recommend trying to understand it from the internet alone. Everyone just reads that 1 t nation article and walks away thinking 5/3/1 in its entirety is just 3 sets. The most detailed and best programs are in 5/3/1 Forever.If you want cheaper alternatives Juggernaut Method 2.0 from Chad Wesley Smith and Average to Savage from Greg Nuckols canada goose outlet official are solid. 223 points submitted 6 days agoThere is never a reason you need to know your precise canada goose outlet store near me BF%, and there is no good way to find it even if you did. The only uses for knowing BF% are determining lean mass for protein intake (in which case estimate conservatively and worst case you eat 10 20g more than you absolutely have to), and dick waving contests on the internet.If you need to ask questions about your self written programming, you should not be writing your own programming. The only reason you should not use a program that has already been shown to canada goose outlet washington dc be effective is if you know from extended experience what works best for you. If you know this, you do canada goose outlet vip not need to ask questions.Unless you want to compete in a weight classed sport (and even then to a degree) your body weight is basically meaningless, and choosing “goal weights” is equally pointless (unless you really need it for mental reasons or something). Note that RATE of weight change is relevant and worth tracking.If you are still at an beginner or intermediate strength level, or have a corresponding amount of muscle mass, you do not have weakpoints, strength or size wise. You are just small/weak. You don need special treatment outside normal consideration to address them. If you deadlift 135 you do not need to put chains on the bar because you think you have a weak lock out.It doesn matter if you THINK your TDEE is too low or too high for your height/weight/age/sex/activity level/whatever. In fact it does not matter what your TDEE even is, or if your counting is garbage (so long as its relatively consistent garbage). What matters is how the scale is changing over time and if you are gaining half a pound a week it is fully irrelevant whether you think you are eating 7 calories or 7000. 9 points submitted 6 days agoIf you need to ask questions about your self written programming, you should not be writing your own programming. The only reason you canada goose outlet in vancouver should not use a program that has already been shown to be effective is if you know from canada goose outlet belgium extended experience what works best for you. If you know this, you do not need to ask questions.Yeah even if your goal is to eventually write your own programming, giving yourself an education and first hand experience in proven programs by respected coaches is a good way to go. It will show you canada goose outlet legit what works for yourself and what doesn work for yourself. It will show you things such as periodization, a concept that doesn come naturally to newbies.It is reinventing canada goose outlet england the wheel if you just do your own thing as a beginner. And it even more of a waste of time if you have other beginners critique your work. Where the sense in that?TheHoundThatRides 2 points submitted 6 days agoThe 3 sets are a progression scheme that Wendler builds programs around. If you are performing the 3 sets with no supplemental volume or assistance exercises you are performing the “I Not Doing Jack Shit” program which is something Wendler only recommends for people who are pressed for time. Not to mention the daily assistance work/weekly conditioning counts for a lot too.If you are new to 5/3/1, I recommend you read through the 5/3/1 for beginners program. It gives you the best idea of Wendler modern programming recommendations. 36 points submitted 7 days ago.

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