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dosist west 3rd street store los angeles

Interview: Dosist CEO Gunner Winston On Why The Wellness Brand Opened On West 3rd Street

September 17, 2019

LA-based wellness company, dosist, has arrived on West 3rd Street, with the opening of its second retail location right here in our prime, central LA neighborhood. The opening follows the brand’s first of its kind flagship property on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, and is meant to not only be a space to purchase dosist’s line of dose-controlled vaporizers, but also a place for education and information.

“Our wellness experiences are a critical extension of our brand and allow us to educate and empower consumers to live healthier lives through the power of dose controlled cannabis,” says Gunner Winston, CEO of dosist. iphone 8 case outlet uk “Bringing this experience to West 3rd Street in the iconic Fairfax District was a natural choice for our second location where we are just steps from the wonderful Farmer’s Market and The Grove and are surrounded by world class retailers, residents and visitors alike.”

The new space showcases dosist’s proprietary dose-controlled vaporizers and six targeted formulations. Once you enter into the white-washed maple and limestone space, a “dosist guide,” extensively trained on the brand, products and the benefits of dose-controlled cannabis, will help guests on their journey to more naturally manage their health and happiness. It isn’t about getting “high” or feeling a buzz, Winston explains, but rather about “three core principles – to inspire, educate and engage the consumer about the therapeutic power of this amazing plant, while delivering a world class experience each and every time.”

dosist west 3rd street store los angeles

We caught up with Winston to find out more about the new space, why this is the right time to launch a retail store and why dosist is feeling right at home in the neighborhood.

What is the inspiration behind this space?

Winston: Big brands sell a lot of products, but the greatest retailers don’t think about the transaction first – they think about the customer experience. And I think Apple and Tesla have redefined that conversation. iphone 8 case for sale When you walk into a Tesla store they’re not automatically hustling you like, “Hey, you gotta buy a car;” they’re talking about the benefits of an electric vehicle, the features of a car, and when you’re ready, they’ll give you a lot of good information about the vehicle and the brand. For us it’s about inspiration, education and engagement. If we can do those three things well, the sales will come.

Who are your target customers?

We have a lot of different people who use our products, but I would say our consumers are globally productive citizens, traveling between New York or Toronto and LA, they’re managing anxiety, and while they might like weed, they have a job to do the next morning so they can’t be too hungover or get too high. We don’t have a problem with people who like to get stoned but that’s not what we do. We’re here to help you naturally manage different situations.

dosist west 3rd street store los angeles

Images courtesy of dosist

What are some stigmas you still have to overcome when it comes to cannabis?

There are a lot of people who aren’t from California. cheap iphone 7 case So if you’re from here, you’ve come across cannabis and you’re probably pretty open-minded, whether you do it or not. If you’re not from here, what we want to show you is that we are not selling you cannabis; we’re selling you a natural solution to sleep or to find relief or to feel calm. iphone xr case outlet uk Cannabis is a natural ingredient but cannabis is dynamic, it’s not one thing: it’s CBD, it’s THC, it’s ratios of the two. outlet iphone 8 case online But we have to combat this stigma of “oh my god, we’re going to use your pen and get high.” That’s not what we do. What we do is try to educate the consumer and tell them about our dosist products – you can control it, the ingredients are all clearly labeled.

Why did you decide to open on West 3rd?

We thought about where our customer goes. West 3rd is wonderful neighborhood for the creative class, and with both tourists and locals. outlet iphone xr case You’ve got The Grove on one end and The Beverly Center on the other, with great coffee shops, retail shops and restaurants. We opened our first store on Abbott Kinney in Venice but West 3rd is a more centrally-located area of LA to bring our brand to the community.

How important is cultivating this sense of community?

I think where people go wrong all the time is thinking they are bigger than their community. We appreciate that when we go to someone else’s community, we recognize that community and we want to do what we can to support it. West 3rd is great – there’s Joe and the Juice, Sweetgreen, Joan’s on Third, all sorts of restaurants and retailers. When we first opened, we went out to 85 retailers in the area to bring flowers to them and to introduce ourselves.

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