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Cozy Up to Onepiece This Fall…

September 6, 2016

Fall is here and there’s nothing we love more than wrapping ourselves up in something cozy and enjoying a night by the fireplace or on the couch with someone we love. cheap iphone xs case online But this year, consider ditching the traditional sweats in favor of something from Onepiece – the new Norwegian export that’s bringing Scandinavian-inspired leisurewear to West 3rd Street.


A self-proclaimed brand for “the slackers, the standouts and the fashion misfits,” Onepiece is now also the go-to brand for some of our favorite celebs, like Beyonce (pictured wearing Onepiece on tour) and Gigi Hadid, who was pictured wearing a “Stars & Stripes” jumpsuit with fellow model Cara DeLevingne at Taylor Swift’s Fourth of July party.


But while the brand may have launched with the jumpsuit, the store has since expanded to include super-soft hoodies, comfy tees and fun accessories too. cheap iphone 8 case online We caught up with Louise, the manager of the Onepiece store on West 3rd Street, to find out more about what makes Onepiece so well, one of a kind…

1. outlet iphone 7 case Why did you decide to open on West 3rd Street? What do you like about the street?
Originally we opened at 2011 on Robertson Blvd, but when the plaza closed we decided to move to West 3rd Street in the beginning of 2016. We knew we did not want to be in a “destination location” but rather a well-trafficked street with a good mix of locals and tourists. cheap iphone xs case We liked West 3rd Street since it is within a close proximity to both Robertson Blvd, The Beverly Center and The Grove.

2. Aside from Onepiece, what stores or restaurants or services do you like on West 3rd?
We love the stores here! Our neighbor Anine Bing is a Scandinavian brand as well and we also have Sockerbit, the Scandinavian candy shop, just a few blocks up. iphone 7 case on sales Some of our favorite local cafés are located here, like Joan’s on 3rd, Toast and Sweetreens and of course our neighbor Doughboys! Our brand is perfect to walk your dog in, grab a coffee or just cozy in with some candy. I think we are a fresh new addition to the street with a European feel.


3. Why are people falling in love with the jumpsuit? What do you think it’s gotten so popular?
What’s not to love about the jumpsuit? It’s basically a portable comfort zone! Besides the obvious perfect ‘chill-wear’, our jumpsuits are great for traveling, working out, or just running around town and doing some errands. It’s a ‘one and done’ outfit and we think that people really appreciate that. iphone 8 case on sales The celebrities help too.

4. What are some misconceptions people have about jumpsuits?
The biggest misconception: You CAN wear it out in public, and you SHOULD! Ya, we get it….this is the perfect uniform for those lazy weekends on the couch, but take a walk on the wild side and wear it out every now and then. cheap iphone 8 case online If you haven’t traveled in a Onepiece jumpsuit then you’re really missing out! They are perfect for planes, and it’s always a treat to watch TSA security greet you in your jumpsuit. Of course we can wear it at all ages too, and we encourage it.

5. What can people expect when they walk into your store?
Well there are a ton of onesies and that usually gets people pretty excited, but on a serious note you can really get a taste of Scandinavian design and fashion.

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