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Cassandra Troy Walker of Clover Juice

September 22, 2014

The cutest place on West 3rd Street is a small juice bar. It’s a little window with a discrete grey awning pointing it out. It’s near the corner of Orlando and 3rd and could easily be mistaken as a part of The Churchill. This is Clover Juice, a discrete, little destination for those searching for a refreshing new take on health food in Mid-City Los Angeles.

“What cooler place to be than here?” Clover owner and founder Cassandra Troy Walker says of her little to-go window style store. “We wanted to really hit the neighborhood and be a little pocket. We want Clover to be a place people don’t have to get dressed up to go inside of. You can just go to the window, get what you need, and walk away.”




That casual cool thought process is part of Cassandra’s personal mantra: she wanted to make healthy food that was without a burdensome stigma. She wanted to make health food fun and refreshing for all types of persons. It all comes from a lifetime in the lifestyle: the Clover brand is an extension of herself.

“The most important thing to know about me is that my love and history has always been in food and health and really amazing, fresh ingredients,” she says. “I was raised by parents who, for the most part, were vegetarians and only used local foods to cook with. My mom is an incredible cook and it was ingrained in me to cook really fresh meals.”

“As I got older, I worked in numerous types of jobs before I got to Clover. I had done six years in the fashion business where I was a sales representative and traveled all over California selling high-end clothing. The only thing I wanted when I returned from a business trip was to come home and cook. I would fool around in the kitchen for friends, trying to make dishes that aren’t healthy into something healthy—without people realizing! That’s really where the idea stems from.”


At a certain point, Cassandra realized that she had to pursue this dream instead of thinking about it. Why wait to follow a dream when you can enjoy it your whole life? That was her philosophy. “I always knew I wanted to get into the food world,” she says. “The timing worked out perfectly with me segueing out of my past career. I was in this mode of making smoothies and juices at home and I thought—you know what—there is an opportunity to open next to Modo Yoga. Let’s find a way to make it happen! Let’s start with a juice bar and see where that takes us!”

“We partnered with Beau Laughlin who actually runs a restaurant group called Cardiff Giant. We knew we made amazing juice and a great product and, within six months, we opened our first location. It was a pretty quick transition from my old job!”

The first Clover opened in January of 2013 and was the product of months of testing and meeting with local farmers to figure out what makes the best product. “That was one of the best parts about this process: discovering very healthy and beautiful and great tasting produce produce from California,” Cassandra says. “People always tell us we have the best tasting juice in LA and I think that is because we took a lot of time making recipes that are super healthy but also taste super great.”

By March of 2013, the brand was able to add another location in addition to their La Brea and 3rd location: they opened up their mini-shop on West 3rd. “Beau owns The Churchill and my husband and I are also investors at The Churchill. They didn’t have a to-go window there so we approached them to do it.”


“What would make The Churchill and West 3rd Street experience be even better?” Cassandra asks. “At the time, there was no juice in the area. We love the neighborhood and we love all the dogs and all the people. You can walk everywhere. ‘Why don’t we open up a to-go window?’ we thought. We put up reclaimed wood frames and painted part of the wall a different color and we started serving juice out the window.”

“We haven’t looked back since and have made amazing neighbors and friends,” she says.

Clover is quickly expanding, growing more locations over the city. Their little West 3rd location will always be their coziest, a reminder of their healthy, neighborhood focused roots. “We’re opening up a cafe in Los Feliz and are working to get that ready for the Summer,” she explains. “In terms of West 3rd Street, I can’t really ask for that much more. There is a lot of great stuff and more great stuff opening. I would say that it is definitely one of the coolest streets in Los Angeles. I wouldn’t change a whole lot!”



“We have great restaurants and great shopping and great boutiques,” she adds. “Just walking on West 3rd Street can make you feel fulfilled because we have everything.”


“When I think of West 3rd Street, I think that it’s a community and it’s vibrant and it’s fashionable and it’s cool. There’s an energy that isn’t hipsters LA but more chill people of LA. 3rd Street is a great example of what LA is: a bit of everything.”


“I love Son Of A Gun. My husband and I have spent many a date nights at the Little Door too. Drybar is the greatest addition. I can’t live without that Drybar! Le Labo is also one of my favorite places and I literally cannot believe we are across the street. Shopping wise, I go to Milk and Satine. Those are two places I know you can find something.”

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