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But far away in deep insterstellar space there will be this

October 24, 2013

Yes, but.There are one sided pieces whose models may be simple, but which have patterns that are unique, including the Beast Tribe face mask (left eye only), the Odin eye patch (with the Odin sigil that appears on the shield matched on it), skull eyepatch (with a silver skull), the Coeurl Eye, which is from an early dungeon, and the Gryphonskin, which has a unique model, but flipped to cover only the right eye. Either they can flip them, or produce left/right variants.Create a clear, concise, and articulate essay (two paragraphs is fine) on the topic, more thorough than you have here, and send SE a specifc comment and leave one on the OF boards for glamour requests (there a huge thread for it).I would suggest providing the developers a simple pathway to adjust this issue: As someone suggested elsewhere in this post, make it so that the /visor function works for eyepatches, by flipping them to either side. This should work with the Sable Death Mask, as well.

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