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The Best Gallery In The Neighborhood

September 3, 2019

If you’re looking for fine art, LA has no shortage of big galleries, from the LACMA to The Broad. But tucked into the middle of West 3rd Street is one of the most unique – and important – galleries in the city.

Since its opening in the early 2000s, the Craft in America Center has been home to key works by many of the most influential and innovative Californian craft artists from the past century. A small but inviting space, the Center has hosted talks by leading artists, interactive Q&As, diverse exhibitions and workshops all focused on American art. The center also spawned a Peabody Award-winning series on PBS, that explored America’s creative spirit through the artists, origins and techniques of American craft.


If you haven’t been to the Craft in America Center, there’s no better time than right now. The center has doubled its size and reopen this month with a huge exhibition of Mid-Century artworks and objects, mostly from the collection of Forrest L. iphone 7 case outlet Merrill. The center will inaugurate its newly-designed gallery with a landmark exhibition of over 50 historic key works. Artists include:

Laura Andreson
J.B. cheap iphone 7 case Blunk
David Cressey
Dora De Larios
Margaret De Patta
Vivika and Otto Heino
Carl Jennings
James Lovera
Glen Lukens
Harrison McIntosh
Gertrud and Otto Natzler
Merry Renk
June Schwarcz
Kay Sekimachi
Bob Stocksdale
Harry Takemoto
Peter Voulkos
Marguerite Wildenhain
Beatrice Wood
and more

California has been the fertile epicenter for craft investigation in the art world. iphone xs case for sale Employing various materials, techniques and concepts, visionary Californian artists have been at the forefront of the American craft movement. cheap iphone xr case online Spanning ceramics, metal, wood, fiber and glass, the objects in California Visionaries: Seminal Studio Craft, Featuring Works from the Forrest L. Merrill Collection reflect the ingenuity and the birth of studio craft. These artists imagined new methods of achieving their vision.

After WWII, California became an especially important place for artists who turned their focus toward craft-based media and processes. iphone 8 case for sale Lured by climate, geography, and an inherent spirit of openness, artists who made the state their home found that they were unbounded in their pursuits. Numerous college and university programs were established in schools across the state offering unparalleled training in fiber, ceramics, metal, glass, and wood. California became a hub for creative production and artistic investigation.

This exhibition prominently features the collection of Forrest L. Merrill, widely considered the most significant collection of California studio craft. Merrill’s collection includes some of the finest examples of works made by revered Californian craft pioneers and visionaries over the past century. Since Merrill acquired his first work of art as a high school student, he has taken a visionary approach to collecting in seeking out technical innovation, subtlety, and material mastery. Merrill has supported the limitless possibilities of craft and formed deep friendships with the artists who create these works.

Merrill, through his distinctive approach to collecting, has played an important role in the story of craft. For him, the art and artist are inseparable and he nurtures the artists whose objects he discovers. One such artist is Bay Area resident Kay Sekimachi, who considers him a mentor and a friend. Sekimachi, whose acclaimed experimental work led her to invent complex on- and off-loom weaving techniques, will be featured in this exhibition.

This exhibition will celebrate Californian visionary artists who shaped the future with a far-reaching commitment to expand craft, art and design, break barriers and forge new visions all their own.

“I’m not particularly interested in just showing pretty things,” Merrill once said. outlet iphone xr case “I want the work to have a story. iphone 7 case outlet uk I want the artist, through their work, to tell a story.”

Visit the Craft in America center at 8415 West 3rd Street.

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