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Before the race, I had hoped for a sub 6min miles race with a

June 20, 2013

Race Report Hurricane Boston

cheap Canada Goose Picking off where that left off, my canada goose outlet usa unexpected PR caused me to drastically revamp my Boston expectations. Before the race, I had hoped for a sub 6min miles race with a reach goal of sub 2:35. Now tantalizingly close to 2:30, I decided to make that my goal. Following my no taper, no recovery approach to One City, I trained through running a pyramid track workout just two days later, a long run the day after and a 5 Mile race that Sunday. I was feeling fatigued by the race and finished with some Achilles tightness, but managed a rather large 5mi PR over a difficult course. cheap Canada Goose

cheap Canada Goose I attempted to double up Wednesday to hit between 18 20mi for the day and my Achilles finally had it. I had been avoiding the word “pain” because I was in denial, but it was obvious now I needed rest. I panicked, iced, heated, stretched, rolled and tricked myself into believing two days off and one of easy treadmill running would be enough. Spoiler: it wasn’t. I ran New Bedford eager to prove my recent marathon PR wasn’t a fluke coming through the 10k in my third fastest time ever. It was pretty cold and my Achilles was already grumbling at me. I tried to ignore it, but after 9 miles my knee on the same leg started to lock up and go numb. That finally did it for me and I backed off pace instantly getting passed by at least twenty runners. The wind on the back end of the course was also ill timed and I felt like I was basically jogging, but when I turned the corner I could see I was miraculously set up for a small PR! I gave it a little more effort to make sure and finished running it slower than the second half of One City. It was the most disappointing PR I’ve ran. cheap Canada Goose

canadian goose jacket I took more days off and then another when I even felt no pain just for safe measures. When I came back to running I was about 90% of the way healed and with my PT’s blessing eyed a 5k race that weekend. I realize this also sounds like a stupid idea, but I was dying for a mental pick me up after two tough weeks and I have history of running make it or break it races to ward off remnants of an injury with success (though I suppose that was what New Bedford was supposed to be!). Luckily, I finished with my second fastest 5k, not far off of my PR and I still had some reserve in the tank. It couldn’t have worked more perfectly and I actually felt better after the race than before, and in much better spirits. I followed that up with a nice injection of elevation and endurance the next day and was officially in taper mode. canadian goose jacket

buy canada goose jacket Well almost. With Boston being on a Monday, I figured I had a couple more days where I could get in one last track workout, having already fit in my desired long run and race. /u/no_more_luck surprised me that Tuesday with a workout heard on 1609 Podcast with /u/CatzerzMcGee and /u/ForwardBound: a 6mi, no rest run of 1mi MP, 4mi HMP and the final 1mi at a hard, all out pace. There was freezing rain, I lost feeling in my extremities, we were alone for the majority of the workout on the track, but we both went to work. I struggled to hold my HMP and the “all out” mile ended up as more of a continuation of official canada goose outlet the last 4mi. It was amazing. I hurt so much after, in that good kind of hurt where you’re just left satisfied. This workout, and my long runs that for the majority it canada goose outlet mall rained during, were absolutely vital to canada goose outlet uk fake surviving Hurricane Boston. I capped off training pacing a 70min canada goose outlet black friday sale 10 Mile race and a MP based 7x800m workout with plenty of rest between intervals. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose sale After, /u/no_more_luck gave me a ride back where we picked up my friend and girlfriend and headed to the expo. It was an absolute zoo in there! I wanted to both take everything in and see all the booth and get the hell out. Highlights included seeing Hasay and Des. My girlfriend was the one who pointed out the former with: “hey some person named Jordan or something is signing water bottles”, she got glares. I didn’t approach either for pics because I respected there privacy too much and was definitely not wearing my Shalane “Fuck Yes” shirt Canada Goose sale

canada goose black friday sale The next day I went to the Tracksmith coffee hour canada goose parka outlet where Ben True casually served me coffee, then ran the course shakeout before going back to Mr. True and having him sign a Linden True hat; a canada goose factory outlet toronto location painfully awkward moment memorialized by /u/runjunrun. I then finally canada goose outlet phone number tracked down some arm sleeves from Run Rabbit’s store (luckily I could fit in the women’s size ’cause that’s all they had left), had brunch like a proper Bostonian millennial, went to CVS and had them pull out their winter hats and gloves from storage to buy some, got donuts at Union Square Donuts, had honey roasted root vegetables at The Publik House as a pre race dinner and then went to sleep. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Jackets The first Uber initially canceled, but I hopped canada goose outlet uk in the next one and was estimated to be dropped off at 6:35. My driver was completely unaware the marathon was today and started complaining about of the delay it would cause. He asked me “how many miles is this marathon?” and I canada goose outlet vip explained to him the distance is the same across all marathons and a brief history on its significance. We picked up another guy and I realized I called an Uber Pool, no problem. We dropped him off and my driver got out to check one of the rear tires, problem. I had noticed the ride had gotten bumpier and saw the flat tire light flash when he turned the car back on. We drove the next few blocks in silence, but he was very distressed and then pulled off the road. He told me there was a leak and it had to be taken care of now. I canada goose outlet toronto location protested saying I needed to be at my drop off no later than 6:45 but he insisted on trying to put air in and patching the leak. I started to panic that I would miss the shuttle and when we got to Boston Common, I told him we were close enough and ran out. I realized quickly I was on the wrong end of the park from gear check and ran with other runners like headless chickens, scrambling to make the bus line. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose store Athlete’s Village looked like a mix between the Western Front of WWI and a hostage crisis. I was wearing my shiny new VF4% which immediately got caked in mud and when I got to the tent, there were hundreds of runners sitting down, knees bent. I hit the port o potty and realized my pre race Gu had exploded in the start bag I put it in under the weight of my Maurten and Nuun water bottles. I salvaged the bottles and a stroop waffle, wiping them as best as I could and tossed the rest. When I got back canada goose outlet legit to the tent to find a seat, I realized everyone was sitting on trash bags or thermal blankets and I had just thrown out my packaged blacket with the bag! I sat for about 20mins on the wet grass before I had enough with how stupid that was, got up, fell in the mud, got up again and just waited for the call to the start. canada goose store

Canada Goose Parka I lost /u/no_more_luck immediately but we weren’t planning on running together anyway. The start was slow and working my way up the field took time, but this was a canada goose jacket outlet sale good thing. The last thing I wanted to do was go out too fast. Around mile 1 I heard my name and looked over to see a familiar face from both the Philadelphia Marathon and New Bedford. We talked for about a half mile and he told me his bus went the complete wrong way and he had to skip Athlete’s Village completely and run to the start to make it on time (and I thought I was having some bad luck!). We were going a bit too fast for him so I wished him luck and canada goose outlet seattle went on. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose deals We had discussed before the race how it would be best to just run our own race and not risk having canada goose outlet store new york to compromise each other strategy. However, my instincts took over and as the wind and canada goose outlet real rain got stronger, I figured the company could take both our minds away from the pain a little. At Wellesley College I followed his lead of high fiving as many girls as possible, then popped up on his left and exclaimed “well that was fun!”. He didn’t seem to mind us running together and probably had no clue I was trailing him for the last few miles. We sped up a tad on the slight decline and crossed the half in 1:14:55 (a near minute HM PR) and I told /u/no_more_luck: “if we keep consistent, we can do it (sub 2:30)”. I was only half joking. canada goose deals

canadian goose jacket 5:42 5:42 5:41 5:44 5:35 5:41 (1:14:55) canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose online Canada Goose Outlet It was surreal running with my training partner in the middle of the Boston Marathon. As we talked, I was reminded of the 2016 Hartford Marathon where I first met him as the pacer canada goose outlet shop of the 3:05 group I ran and ultimately couldn’t keep pace with. At mile 14 he said he was glad I was there which was great to hear that I wasn’t sabotaging his race. He also mentioned he was thinking about backing off the pace before I caught up and was concerned about his hamstring. This was also oddly comforting because I was just starting to queue up to the struggle bus myself. Canada Goose online

buy canada goose jacket Spectators began cheering us on as a pair, saying things like “go Manchester!” and “work together, use each other!”, it canada goose outlet paypal was motivating but I was really starting to hurt. A group from our running club (with /u/fusfeld) was between miles 17 and 18 and by the first hill, I was contemplating holding it together just long enough for the tandem photo op and then fall back. We came canada goose coats uk up on mile 17 in over 6mins/mi and that was actually a relief at the time. Although I was still on PR pace, we still had three more hills to go and I honestly didn’t care about a PR anymore. We saw our teammates and then hit the second and third hills at just about the same pace. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose deals 5:39 5:47 5:40 6:02 6:01 5:45 5:58 canada goose deals

canada goose deals With exactly three miles to go hypothermia started to set in and it only then occurred to me I had no idea where /u/no_more_luck had gone. However, just on cue with two miles left he passed on my left saying, “just chill man”. He thought there was a chance I would attempt to go with him at that point and seeing how quickly I was fading he wanted to make sure I didn’t inflict any more pain than I had to. That was never in the cards, but it did put me at ease and I canada goose outlet new york committed fully to a jog to the finish and just try and take canada goose outlet montreal it all in. canada goose deals

canada goose coats In those last two miles I would get passed by fourteen people. I started getting tunnel vision and after making the left onto Boylston I started to worry I would have to stop before the finish. The day before I was fairly confident that I could produce a decent kick from that final turn, but today the end seemed impossibly far away. I could hear the cheering from my friends but once again couldn’t acknowledge anyone. I gave it a final push, crossed the line and reached out for a volunteer to brace me. What. An. Experience! canada goose coats

Canada Goose sale 6:16 5:49 5:57 6:14 6:43 7:13 7:15 (0.2mi) (2:35:38) Canada Goose sale

Canada Goose online The volunteer walked me a few steps, obviously concerned with my condition. I began shivering uncontrollably, barely conscious and was being lead toward a wheelchair. I looked down and saw a puddle in the seat and thought, hell no am I sitting in that thing. It seemed volunteers couldn’t leave too far from where they were standing so I was more or less passed like a baton from one to the other until I recovered enough to stumble to the thermal blankets and gear check. After changing with the other emaciated runners in the changing tent, I made my way to the massage area and drank no less than five cups of chicken broth. Canada Goose online

canada goose When I originally missed qualifying for Boston 2015, the crappy weather that year gave me relief that I hadn’t missed out on a good year. Turns out this year was a level worse in temperature, wind, and rain. If I hadn’t caught /u/no_more_luck I feel like this whole report would be very canada goose outlet ottawa different and could’ve ended in a DNF. The teamwork definitely paid off. I’ll definitely run Boston next year and hope for canada goose outlet online uk good conditions but I realize now that this race is more canada goose womens outlet of a victory lap than anything. You stuck with it and did the work, despite the absurdly turbulent pre race and race conditions. It was also interesting to note how much more of the crowd you were aware of in the later stages of the race vs the earlier portions (only based on how frequently you mention them). Did you feel any noticable lift in effort levels you were able to sustain because of the later race support? canada goose

buy canada goose jacket Great work, and I glad we linked up when we did. Given the amount of running we do together and the need to adapt the race to the weather, it would have been senseless not canada goose clothing uk to. I looking forward to hearing about a buy canada goose jacket.

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