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Also, I wondered, if they could replicate them I would imagine

September 2, 2013

Why couldn’t Voyager run multiple instances of the EMH or create a backup of him in case he is damaged

canada goose deals So when Voyager had a medical emergency that the Doctor by himself couldn manage, why didn the crew just run another instance of him (like clicking on an exe file multiple times to open multiple separate windows running the same program)? For example, with the time the doctor nearly self destructed when he couldn treat both cew members who were hit with a neuro weapon in time, why didn he just duplicate canada goose uk site himself (have two instances of his program running) and treat both people at the same time? By running multiple instances of the doctor, the crew could have him in as many places as they needed, and the instances could all communicate with canada goose jacket uk each other instantly (kind of like the Borg). In theory Voyager crew could have canada goose outlet black friday sale created an army of EMH at will. canada goose deals

Canada Goose online Another question is why was there never a backup canada goose outlet online store review copy of the EMH, in case the currently running program was damaged, stolen, or malfunctioned? If they had backups, or even if they made copies of his program, they canada goose outlet woodbury wouldn have been without a doctor when he canada goose stockists uk gets stranded on an away mission, or if he decides to leave to advance his singing career. It explains why canada goose outlet they are hard to forge, why once they are deleted they cant be recovered from backups and explains why holorecords are very very hard to tamper with. Canada Goose online

canada goose store It also ironically explains why lieutenant riker style clones are so canada goose outlet legit rare/impossible. Software in general must be duplicatable anyway. One way around this problem canada goose outlet eu in OPs headcannon mught be to assert that software/hologram development is done using some more easily editable/copyable mechanism (maybe even classical computers), but for distribution they converted to a quantum format for faster access/processing, and all later changes to individual copies are made there. The Voyager EMH went well beyond his baseline program, he had all sorts canada goose outlet store new york of customization done by himself/Voyagers engineers, and of course years of operating memories. It might be canada goose outlet store montreal that backups, especially of such a massive amount of data, and having to be converted to a classical format, take so long that they can feasibly be done every day and reverted to in case of an accident. That might even explain the backup shown in Living Witness, it might have been canada goose parka uk months between it and the previous backup. They got reprogrammed to mine instead of be doctors since the resources creating them had already been used and it would be a waste to scrap one hologram and start all over when you can repurpose canada goose factory outlet the old model. canada goose store

canada goose I think canada goose discount uk part of Voyager problem was that they didn have the necessary equipment to copy or make new holographic crew, they didn have staff that had the knowledge of making a hologram like the EMH, and they didn have the resources necessary to devote to making more, like a canada goose shop uk team that only works on that project while not contributing to a somewhat under staffed ship 70k light years from home. canada goose

canada goose deals Also, official canada goose outlet why bother caring about the crew on canada goose outlet sale the show if they could just make a hologram copy of them, or a ship crewed entirely by canada goose outlet reviews Robert canada goose outlet hong kong Picardo? (I would like to see a ship crewed entirely by Robert Picardo, to be honest, but that would suck for the production crew) canada goose deals

buy canada goose jacket cheap Of course Captain Scott was stored in the transporter buffers, but what the above is saying is it is nearly impossible canada goose outlet nyc to duplicate a person with the transporter, and Riker is canada goose outlet toronto probably the only person in history that it has happened to because of a freak natural phenomenon with a unique set of circumstances. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose Scotty was transported like they always transport, but instead of beaming that person anywhere, he stayed in the transporter buffer for, canada goose outlet in chicago what was it? Like 70 years? Everyone goes to the buffer when they transport, they just leave the buffer a short time later to materialize somewhere. You think they would have treated them like a rare antiquity or something, but no, they just threw them away left and right. Also, I wondered, if they could replicate them I would imagine the amount of raw material to make them must have been a huge resource they couldn afford to spend unwisely that once again would make them treat them with canada goose outlet canada great care. But, no. While the vast majority of people may not know about the operation, enough have to know to make a fuss about it if they cared. canada goose

Canada Goose Jackets And even after the tribunal concerning Data right to existence and the want of certain people to duplicate him, the Federation still seem to be behind the canada goose outlet online reviews times on providing rights to AI. Just by the fact that the EMH was developed so it can adapt canada goose outlet in montreal and grow, the Federation should have seen these issues coming and already decided on some preliminary criteria to canada goose outlet online uk determine a base level of rights for varying levels of sentience. So obviously the ethics of duplicating AI as a whole haven even really been considered well enough Canada Goose Jackets.

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