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Also, are there any other collectables which help to fill out

September 11, 2014

If you have fine hair, spray from the mid section and down to the tips. If you have thick hair, start at the roots and proceed down to the ends. Flip your head upside down, continue to spray and gently scrunch your hair with your hands. Preceded by his loving wife of 64 years, Frances; parents, Edward and Cecilia; sisters, Lucille (John) and Virginia (Jack); nephews, Nick and Gary. Survived by son, Robert (MaryBeth); daughter, Janet (Steve) Olson; grandchildren, Jacob, Julie, David (Chelsey), Zach, Jessica, Dustin, Lucas (Yamell), Colette and Nicole; great grandchildren, Mason, Mavric, William, Damon, Dustin, Ebony, Watson and Fisher; nieces and nephews, Shelley, Kent, Dana and Lauri. He enjoyed a long life full of love and happy times.

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