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Alex Matthews of JUICE | Served Here

September 19, 2014

W. 3rd St. is the street we all know and love but it wouldn’t be the same without our staple businesses. One of those businesses is JUICE | Served Here. What started as a love for pressed juice between two friends, Alex Matthews and Greg Alterman, became a business when they felt that they could really take pressed juicing to the next level. They wanted to create juices that tasted incredible and a brand that is memorable by showcasing what a modern juicing brand could look and taste like. Alex and Greg both came from a fashion and design environment with Alex as National Retail Director of G-Star RAW and Greg as founder/chairman of Alternative Apparel. Health and wellness are a key influence on their lifestyles, so forming JUICE | Served Here was a natural path for them. iphone 8 case outlet We sat down with Alex to talk juice, the business, and JSH’s experience on the street.

Juice Served Here juices

JUICE | Served Here juices

Since it’s inception, retail was always a focus for JSH. The design influence can be seen through every aspect of the retail space. iphone xr case outlet uk Whether it’s the wooden wall design or the marble slab counters, JSH has established themselves for cutting edge modern aesthetic on top of great tasting juices. They decided on the street from their admiration of Joan (from Joan’s on Third) and her work in the community. The store had high expectations set and Alex talks about how they were “excited and totally nervous at the same time.” They spent a year setting up the space but the store was well received. Alex was relieved and said, “It was awesome.”

Juice Served Here store on W. 3rd St.

Juice Served Here store on W. 3rd St.

JSH Model Pic

JUICE | Served Here was started with a mantra of “Never Conventional.” They wanted to make sure everything was made locally and quality was never sacrificed. Customers who come into the store vary from someone who has never had pressed juice to health nuts. The juice experience was made to be the same for all customers and new ones can even get a taste of everything with The Juice Flight.

JUICE | Served Here - The Juice Flight

JUICE | Served Here – The Juice Flight

Alex’s venture into juicing was a personal one. His visit to Beverly Hills and first taste of juice opened his eyes to the world of juicing. Through learning about juicing, he found that it helps many different forms of diseases. cheap iphone 7 case outlet One of them, Psoriasis, hit close to home which Alex has suffered with since childhood. cheap iphone xs case This increased his motivation to venture into the juicing business. He said it “..helped my condition clear up and focused my attention on juice bars and what they can do for people who are drinking a cold pressed product.” JUICE | Served Here employees

To get to know Alex better, we asked some questions about his life and being on W 3rd St.

We have been very focused on building our retail business (stores) and so everything else takes a back seat. outlet iphone 7 case online However, we enjoy some great partnerships with Agenda Trade Show, Unique LA and supporting our speciality distribution customers.

We love anything European (I am from London). For example, Danish design is an influence. Both Greg and I are from a fashion background and love combining the 2 worlds at JSH.

Anything from the superfood family. I am obsessed with any kind of bread and of course I have the odd British treat!

I love music [you can find Alex on Soundcloud as KIDDKITT] and I try to play tennis 3 times a week.

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