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1%!How does this 1% increase in the national debt over eight

November 15, 2013

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replica hermes belt uk Because Clinton would “greatly increase federal spending and taxation” and has raised “serious hermes replica birkin bag questions about honesty and trust” the editorial board “cannot endorse her” either.After analyzing her spending and taxation plans, the Tribune’s editorial board concluded with horror that eight years of a Clinton presidency “would raise the national debt by $200 billion.” Horrors!! What a nightmare! (“Pass the joint.”) The current national debt is just under $19 trillion. Thus, according to the Tribune’s editors, a Clinton presidency would shockingly increase the national debt by. 1%!How does this 1% increase in the national debt over eight years compare to, say, Ronald Reagan, whom the Tribune endorsed twice? In his eight years in office, Ronald Reagan increased the national debt by almost 200%! George W. Bush, whom the Tribune also endorsed twice, increased the national debt by roughly 80%. replica hermes belt uk

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